Our Approach
Main Sectors



ECF operates in particular through 3 different kinds of funds and projects:

  • International tenders & Framework contract, with a direct participation or through the establishment a consortium with international partners. The company takes part on a regular basis to tenders launched by the international donors, in particular European Union, AFDB, World Bank and regional development banks.

  • The company assists the local offices of the development banks and other private clients through the drafting of feasibility studies, the preparation of technical assistance programmes or through the implementation of small scale projects funded thanks to direct contribution of the funds made available by the Italian Government.


Private Sector Development

ECF provides long and short-term expert advisory in the Private Sector Development:

  • Trade and trade related issues
  • Design, monitoring and evaluation of PSD programmes

Finance and Financial Innovation

Expertise in this field is mainly focused on:

  • design of project appraisal procedures for grant and debt/equity investments
  • institutional strengthening
  • design of venture capital schemes and investment trusts
  • potential evaluation for creating leasing and factoring operations placement identification of appropriate guarantee fund mechanisms

Public Finance

ECF provides long and short-term advise for Public Finance Management and implementations and provides the following range of services:

  • support to public administration reform
  • Public Finance management and monitoring
  • management information system & information technology treasury and ALM

SME development

ECF provides support in the following SME areas:

  • co-ordination of donor funded SME activities
  • institutional strengthening and policy advice
  • creation of appropriate development SME institutions
  • legal and regulatory framework support
  • market and business development
  • support to internationalisation of SMEs

Training and Human Resources Development

ECF provides a full of range of training services based on:

  • experts working side-by-side with local professionals
  • the possibility to replicate the acquired know-how
  • training based on hierarchic logic of the learning process



ECF may operate through technical assistance teams in cooperation with Fondazione di Venezia.